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Amblypygi - Whip spiders

Scorpiones - Scorpions

All specimen are captive bred if not stated otherwise. All prices are for one specimen. Scorpions will only be sold to persons aged 18 or higher.
If you are interested please write to whipspiders(at)panarthropoda.de or scorpions(at)panarthropoda.de, depending on your interest.


The risk of shipping is always on the buyer!
Sold animals will not be taken back!

Please ask for international shipping rates or take a look at DHL.de.
There will be 0,50 € added for packaging.

When the temperatures during spring or fall are low and a heatpack and insulation are needed, we calculate an additional 2 €.

With too low temperatures during winter there will be no shipment, only pick-up or meetings at expos.


We will be at the following expos: