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Amblypygi - Whip spiders:

  • Amblypygi.com
  • Page by Michael Seiter containing a gallery und scientific information about the order Amblypygi

  • Amblypyge.perso.sfr.fr
  • French site about whip spiders, containing among others a extensive overview of their origins

Araneae - Spiders

Pseudoscorpiones - Pseudoscorpions

Scorpiones - Scorpions

Solifugae - Camel spiders:

  • Solpugid.com
  • Very extensive site about the order Solifugae


Mantodea - Mantids

  • Mantodeenforum.de
  • One of the biggest german boards about the order Mantodea

  • Mantodea.info
  • Official page of the IG Mantodea with broad species database

  • Mantisonline.de
  • Very informative page with many caresheets of different species of mantis